Avoid the content marketing vacuum

Avoid the content marketing vacuum

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Using digital marketing to attract the kind of leads you’re after is something we’ve covered extensively on The Adviser in the past few months. By attracting clients through social media and organic searches with compelling content and investigating lead opportunities online, we know these strategies can help you build the foundations of your digital campaign to attract SMSF borrowers.

Statistics show that 89.9 per cent of the Australian population is online and 53 per cent own at least three electronic devices that they use to access the internet. Among these are SMSF borrowers – your potential clients – looking for the answers to their questions. From organic searches to social media, it is meant to be easier than ever before to attract people looking to borrow through their SMSF. So why can it often feel like this digital promised land is enjoyed by every business but yours?

Sure, you’ve got a website, and probably a blog if you’ve been paying attention to The Adviser’s stellar advice on digital marketing. But if the weeks are going by, and your expected flood of new SMSF borrower clients is looking suspiciously more like a trickle, you may start to wonder what could possibly be missing.

Here’s the truth about content marketing: brilliant and compelling content isn’t worth the retina pixels you display it on unless it is part of a larger strategy to pull your newly minted audience further into your sales funnel. It’s a tragic reality – one can’t live on keyword research and thought leadership alone.

Your content needs to do more than provide the answers to the complex questions your potential SMSF borrowers are asking, and actually reel in their business. If you haven’t considered how to propel your content marketing plan to convert leads into sales, all your hard work could be for too little reward.

So how do you save yourself from the content marketing vacuum? The answer is easier than you think, more cost-effective than you’d expect, and will transform your content marketing plan from speculative to strategic. There’s one digital channel you need to develop to take the next step in turning your content strategy into a lead generation strategy to attract an SMSF borrowing lead. It’s email marketing.

While it may be one of the oldest forms of digital marketing in the book, this old-school channel has serious impact. Here are a few fast facts provided by Salesforce on its efficacy:

• 40 per cent of B2B marketers rated the leads generated by email marketing as high quality (Software Advice Survey)
• For every $1 spent, $44.25 is the average return on email marketing investment (Experian)
• 82 per cent of consumers open emails from companies (Litmus)
• 39 per cent of marketers have no strategy for mobile email (eConsultancy 2012 Email Marketing industry Census)
• 44 per cent of email recipients made at least one purchase last year based on a promotional email (

Email marketing is a powerhouse of the digital marketing mix, and without it, you’re missing the most cost-effective way to pull your leads into your sales funnel. It is the simplest way to continue the conversation your content started.

Belle Tayler works as a digital marketing specialist at Sterling Publishing, publisher of The Adviser.

Avoid the content marketing vacuum
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