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Stuart Donaldson

Founder and Owner
Banyan Co

“To inspire people to believe in the possibility of greater success and help them make it happen is the vision that keeps me going every day.”
Stuart Donaldson is an experienced educator, business coach, facilitator and financial advocate for business owners.
As a facilitator Stuart has crafted his style from two decades of experience working with Small to Medium Enterprises – observing and defining the causes of failure and the drivers of success.
Stuart has conducted hundreds of seminars, workshops, and keynote addresses across Australia, New Zealand, The Pacific Region, Singapore and USA. He has worked alongside scores of business owners, franchise groups, industry associations and professionals and has earned an enviable reputation. This is supported by consistently receiving outstanding feedback scores.
Stuart is driven by his ability to transform his audiences’ view of financial concepts from confusing and complex to simple and intuitive, and he has a talent for transforming the language of finance into a story line everyone understands.
As someone who has a great passion for surfing Stuart appreciates that wipe outs can occur in business too. With structure and discipline these can be avoided, and businesses can thrive.
Stuart has a Bachelor of Business (Accounting) degree and Advanced Diploma in Financial Services.