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Sharyn Burgess - Adelaide

Finance Architect
KnowHow Property Finance

Sharyn Burgess is a finance expert, broker and strategist at KNOW:HOW, recognised for her unique ability to understand all aspects of a client’s life, not just the numbers.

Sharyn’s clients are able to draw on her wide experiences as an adviser, business owner, manager and Mum of three, and also as a woman who has conquered adversity.

Sharyn overcame severe hearing loss as an adult, receiving a Bonebridge bone conduction impact to combat Otosclerosis, which she lists as her biggest personal win.

Sharyn has mentored deaf and hard of hearing teenagers, helping them transition smoothly into the community, and has set a goal to become proficient in Auslan (Australian Sign Language).

She instills this inspiration and resilience into her clients, particularly those who have been told by the banks, or others, that their dreams are impossible.

And as a former lending manager at one of the big banks, Sharyn is able to provide a unique understanding of the lending process from both sides.

Along with her experiences, achievements and professional skills, Sharyn takes the most pride in her reputation for loyalty, integrity, respect and keeping it real!