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Mark Zaglas

Encore Adviser Group

Mark as Director of Encore Advisory Group is a well known figure in the Advice industry and sort after trainer, educator and coach. Mark has worked with countless mortgage broking and financial planning businesses enabling them to do the one big thing – build successful client advice practices for the long term.

In 2017, after several decades leading Wealth, Broking and Advice businesses, Encore was re-imagined to better serve and prepare brokers and planners for the challenges and opportunities that lay ahead – believing a better advice business means a better industry and a better community.

Mark delivers practical real-world solutions helping these businesses navigate today’s complexity and provides essential advice to help them improve the quality and value of their businesses. This is done through partnerships with the right people enabling practices to deliver more, and more valuable advice to clients.

Believing every Australian deserves advice on “both sides of the balance sheet”, Mark successfully built a mortgage broking business that partnered with over 200 financial planning practices and accounting firms delivering advice services to over 5,500 Australian families a year.

Mark is known as a leading authority in bringing together Broking and Planning groups to deliver integrated “debt advice” and “broker planner” solutions. He is dedicated to this community as an SME owner himself; consumer and advocate of Advice services; and having led and steered advice businesses successfully through market, regulatory and consumer change and disruption over several decades.