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David Bayne

CEO, Senior Business Coach
7 Colored Doors

Senior Business Coach and principal of the ‘7 Colored Doors’. David Bayne has been a business expert, mentor and coach for over 15 years.

David has started up over a dozen of his own businesses over a 30-year period, coached and spoken to 1000’s of business owners internationally over a 15-year period. David attributes a lot of his success too being mentored by many extraordinary entrepreneurs who have taught him business and wealth building strategies that have helped him and his clients achieve amazing successes in life and business.

After many years of coaching and consulting to all types of businesses to great success, David realized that there were a set of Business and Wealth Fundamentals that needed' to be adhered to too achieve wealth, and only a small percentage of business owners ever succeeded. David decided to create a comprehensive online Business program and add the support of his coaches with the program to help the 80% of business owners across the country who were struggling. David has spent over eight years building the program and of course 25 years of experience and learning to be able to give this information to every entrepreneur who is looking for financial freedom.

David believes every business owner should have a coach whether they are a startup business or have been in business for 30 years. To be successful at anything in life you need a variety of mentors, coaches and consultants helping and guiding you to that success.

David’s team are passionate about assisting all businesses to create positive cash flow to build wealth, a great team culture and to have time to spend with family. He can help YOU to reach new levels of success in your business…

David has been involved with many multimillionaire businessmen learning and taking action on the strategies that have given him amazing results in his businesses, properties and life.