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Building your broker business — the right way

Understanding the basics of building a successful brokerage is a must for forward-thinking brokers, particularly given the growing need to build value in a business outside of trail. Getting it right from the start will save you time and money down the track, enabling you to leapfrog the competition. Position yourself for growth and discover how to:

  • Set up the systems and processes to ensure you run an efficient brokerage
  • Understand what your clients want and how to deliver it
  • Identify and monopolise new opportunities in the market
  • Create value in your broking business beyond trail
Jason Back

Director, Broker Essentials


The perfect fit: Finding the broker model that suits you

Understand the different broker models that are available and hear real life experiences from both independent brokers and those that take the branded model to find out what route best suits you. Discover which model could help you achieve your goals and understand the pros and cons to help you make the right decision. Gain insights into:

  • The benefits and challenges of joining an independent and franchise group
  • The case studies on how and why top brokers have chosen their models
  • The next steps: strategies to make the switch or leverage your current model

Leading brokers and their mentors

Having a good mentor can be the difference between being a good broker and becoming a great one. In this session, learn how these leading brokers have worked with their mentors to overcome their challenges and run forward-thinking brokerages. Learn how to:

  • Choose the right mentor to help you develop and build your business from day one
  • Master the mindset to generate income-producing activities daily
  • Fast-track your business goals by unlocking your potential
Nancy Youssef

Founder, Mentor & Visionary, Classic Mentoring

Tracie Palmer

Director, Cornerstone Home Loans

Dylan Salotti

Managing Director, Divitis Finance


Morning break and networking


Building referral partnerships to scale your business

Learn how to work with financial advisers and accountants to generate business, strengthen your proposition and understand how they work in the best interests of their clients. With the royal commission recommendations calling for brokers to be more aligned to financial planning, gain insights into the inner workings of this channel, how they operate and understand the value of this partnership in scaling your business. In this session, learn how to:

  • Start the conversation and identify networking opportunities to connect with wealth managers
  • Build a long-term partnership based on common goals and brand alignment
  • Understand how financial planners operate under a best interests duty
  • Avoid common mistakes when establishing and growing your referral partnerships

Panel: The answer to lost trail?

How leading brokers have embraced new revenue streams

An interactive and engaging session that reveals how brokers have taken the step into diversifying their offering, the types of products and services they provide and how they are shoring up their businesses through a broad service offering. Gain insights into:

  • The potential new markets that are right for you
  • How to evolve in a changing environment to stay ahead of the game
  • Understanding the products that could help bring in new revenue and create stickier clients

Lunch and networking


Marketing and sales essentials

Learn the top 10 most effective marketing techniques for building and maintaining a strong database and position your business on the growth path from the start. In this session:

  • Learn how to identify potential clients and convert these leads
  • Master simple processes to accelerate your lead generation
  • Learn how to manage ongoing client communications and ensure retention

Speed networking: Your questions answered!

This interactive networking session provides you with the insights into specific scenario solutions and allows you the opportunity to pose scenario questions; learn more about products, lenders and services; and ensure your questions are answered from those in the know. Find out:

  • The solutions to specific case studies
  • What BDMs are looking for when assessing a deal/scenario
  • The benefits of different products and solutions
  • How to communicate effectively and ask the right questions to source the right loan product

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