21 Jan 2019
June 6, 2018, 9:34 am

Annie Kane and James Mitchell are joined by broker and founder of Copper Finance Vinay Gehi, who shares why he became a broker after 18 years in the food industry.

This Melbourne-based broker reveals his advice on building a database from scratch, why he believes in making his time with clients “feel like an experience”, and how he has grown his business while still maintaining the ever important balance that his family life demands.

Tune in to find out what this broker has learnt so far, the importance of having a mentor throughout the process and why he isn’t planning on growing his business just yet.

You will also hear about:

  • The steps he took to become a broker
  • Why he decided to be an independent broker
  • The importance of customer service

Top tips from national and international speakers on how to enter the industry with confidence will be a key focus at The Adviser’s New Broker Academy.

Places are limited for the free-to-attend event. Refer a colleague, peer or friend who would benefit.

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