21 Jan 2019
June 4, 2018, 4:21 pm

A broker has advocated the use of social media as a “very powerful” tool for lead generation.

Speaking to The Adviser, director of The Brokerage and Better Business Award winner Mark Williams lauded the benefits of social media as a useful lead generation tool and claimed that one Facebook referral helped his business settle a multimillion-dollar loan.

“In our first year, we would have picked up five leads off Facebook for about $4 million, from just one person recommending me — so it’s very powerful,” Mr Williams said.

The Queensland-based broker said that his business uses Facebook to advertise to the “massive” online audience.

“We use a lot of Facebook advertising and we’ve just finished off creating our new page for The Brokerage, which will go live very soon, and we’ll put weekly updates on that,” the broker told The Adviser.

“Facebook’s the big driver at the moment [and] if you’re on there having a look for anything [that has] got to do with finance and real estate, it’s massive and it’s free [for a consumer].”

The mortgage broker also claimed that having a social media presence helps form stronger client relationships and better informs the business of market conditions.

“Talking about your last transaction, talking about getting your clients to rate your service, posting up interesting transactions, challenging people with current rates that are in the market to give you a call to review your own,” Mr Williams continued.

His brokerage is on the verge of creating a new smartphone app to benefit from the widespread use of mobile devices.

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