18 Feb 2019
June 19, 2018, 1:34 pm

Leading sales coach Tom Panos believes that brokers should be spending 10 hours a week on the media side of their business.

Mr Panos explained how lead generation has changed significantly and why all mortgage professionals need to be using media to drive sales.

“The traditional model of sales has been turned upside down,” Mr Panos said. “Previously, a sales person would go out and talk to as many people as possible and play the percentages game, knowing that if they talk to enough people, they will make a certain number of appointments and then a certain number of sales. That doesn’t work anymore.

“The reason it doesn’t work anymore is because there are no more blind dates in business. People already know a lot of information about the broker they are going to be doing business with.”

Mr Panos said that he will be using his session at the Better Business Summit to show brokers how they can attract customers before they even need a loan.

“If you’re a broker, you’re also your own media company,” Mr Panos said. “As well as being a broker, you are the CEO of a media company with multiple distribution channels. Some of those channels include video, podcasts, blogs, mobile-optimised websites and lead generation competitions. What I will talk about is how brokers can stand out and get people’s attention in a crowded marketplace.”

Mr Panos suggests that brokers spend 10 hours a week on media.

“That can be two hours a day or one day that you call your ‘media day’,” the sales coach said. “I know some brokers that will go off on a Wednesday and shoot a whole load of video content, which gets sent out to their database and shared on social media. They call it their ‘digital door knock’.”

Digital prospecting, according to Mr Panos, is a more efficient way of building a business than traditional cold calling. However, he understands that many brokers are at a loss when it comes to producing content.

“Some brokers are posting recipes of food, some are posting photos of them with a happy client, while others are posting about interest rates,” Mr Panos said.

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