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Get a leg up on the competition

by Francesca Krakue3 minute read

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The Adviser, together with aggregator eChoice, reveals how you can utilise technology to reap significant rewards.

Did you know that brokers who aren’t afraid to seek feedback from clients are statistically more likely to receive customer referrals than those who avoid it?

What if we told you it is as simple as sending a short text?

According to one of Australia’s leading boutique aggregators, eChoice, brokers who use SMS contact to get feedback at key stages in the customer lifecycle have more chance of increased customer referrals.


“Establishing a feedback tool, that isn’t too onerous for customers to react to, is the key for brokers to understand the client experience and determine ways to improve it,” eChoice national sales manager Blake Buchanan says.

“This contact creates an immediate emotional trigger, resulting in a response and then ultimately leading to a significant increase in the number of customer referrals for those brokers.”

Mr Buchanan says SMS and hand-held technologies are playing a larger role in the customer user experience and are making touchpoints easier. He also notes that the shift in the method of contact from email to SMS has seen an increase of 4.5 times in response rates.

“This is a clear illustration that brokers who don’t utilise this simple, everyday technology to ask for client feedback may never realise what they are missing out on,” Mr Buchanan says.

“Brokers should never underestimate the power of making at least one post-contact communication to clients.

“This emotional trigger for customers makes them think about the broker and their relationship with them, and as our figures show, leads many to refer their broker to others.”

Get a leg up on the competition
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