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Get the most out of content creation

by Emma Ryan3 minute read

content creation content creation

Could you be ruining your chances with a client from the get-go? Here’s what the experts say is the best way to go about content creation… 

“Follow the 80/20 rule – 80 per cent should be educational, inspirational, informative, thought-provoking, humorous even, and 20 per cent should be about special services, offers or hot rates just in the door. It has to be consistent, regular, scheduled, relevant, on topic, seasonal – the list goes on. You can curate content (use others’ content and add your views) or you can create original content. Usually a mix of both is best.”

- Sandra Pigram, social media strategist and trainer, Social Media Business Boosters

“Remember that less is more. Deliver short, sharp pieces of information that are easy to digest. There’s nothing worse than seeing a post that is more than two years old. Make content generation part of your regular work routine.”


- Tim Reid, founder and host, Small Business Big Marketing Show

“Look to publish better quality content at consistent intervals – and don’t budge on your schedule – with consistency and quality being the key, not regularity and quantity. Some tips for maintaining a consistent stream of content that won’t leave you feeling anxious and burnt out are: link blogging back to meaningful business outcomes, share your editorial calendar and content schedule with more people, conduct expert interviews with people in your industry, improve on already validated blog topics, write a list post and explore each component in future blog posts, get guest contributors to write for your blog, encourage employees to boost their personal brand on your blog and conduct keyword research.”

- Will Blunt, founder, Blogger Sidekick

“Don’t have a site that you never update. New content gives people a reason to come back to your site, and updating frequently also improves your relevance for Google when they are ranking sites in their search results.”

- Toby Marshall, principal, Lead Creation

Get the most out of content creation
content creation
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