Elite Business Writers 2016

Elite Business Writers 2016

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Elite Business Writers 2016 Report

The Adviser’s Elite Business Writers 2016 celebrates the exceptional achievements of the mortgage industry’s standout performers. Although making the list due to their significant lending volumes, as The Adviser found out, there’s much more to being one of the industry’s elite than meets the eye

IT’S FAIR to say that the third-party channel continues to go from strength to strength, particularly over the past year. As end of financial year results rolled in from June onwards, it became clear that many lenders are increasingly relying on brokers, crediting them with significant growth in lending volumes. Brokers’ market share is hovering between 50 and 55 per cent and one broker on this year’s list sees it reaching 63 per cent as soon as next year.

This comes as no surprise when looking at the achievements of this year’s top 50. With a total of 505 years of broking experience and industry knowledge under their belts, the top brokers wrote a staggering $5.8 billion worth of residential loans between them in the financial year to 30 June 2016, each writing an average of $115 million.

A total of 14,286 mortgages were written this past financial year by this year’s elite — so where is all the action coming from?

A closer look at how the land lies reveals that residential loans continue to dominate, accounting for almost 72 per cent of the total volume of loans written.

However, it’s clear that diversification is rapidly becoming the order of the day: other finance (including car loans, leasing and equipment finance, cash flow finance and personal loans) accounted for almost 9.3 per cent of the total volume.

Commercial loans in particular are becoming increasingly popular among brokers, accounting for 8.3 per cent of the total volume.

So what’s the secret to continuously being at the top of your game and writing large volumes? It goes without saying that it’s certainly the by-product of years of hard work, but there’s a lot more that goes into becoming one of the country’s elite.

As one broker on this year’s list highlighted, being at the top of your game is about being creative and thinking laterally when it comes to marketing your own personal brand. Another emphasised that loving what you do, and truly believing in the industry is the key to staying motivated. Others pointed to the invaluable support of a steadfast and proactive team.

Without further ado, here are the winners. To the best of the best of the mortgage broking industry, congratulations! 


Elite Business Writers Report Break 


The Methodology

  • Each entrant to this year’s Elite Business Writers either submitted their own application or were nominated to do so
  • Among other criteria, each submission asked for three core areas that related to the broker’s business over the 2015-16 financial year.
  • Those areas included: the volume of home loans written; the volume of other business written (including commercial loans, leasing and equipment finance, car loans, business loans and personal loans); and the value of total insurances written (including home and contents insurance, mortgage protection insurance and life insurance).
  • Each of the three were weighted equally and each broker’s final ranking was based on the total volumes written for the financial year.
  • The Adviser takes the information provided for the report at face value and believes it to be a true representation of a broker’s business. We also asked each broker to nominate their aggregator or, in the case of a franchisee, their state manger to verify each submission.



Partner of the Elite Business Writers 2016

Steve Kane, General Manager, NAB Broker

ON BEHALF of NAB, I would like to congratulate each of the brokers celebrated in this feature. NAB is very proud to sponsor the Elite Business Writers 2016 ranking, and the following pages contain some truly inspiring examples of hard work and customer service.

The best brokers are passionate about their businesses, and go above and beyond for their customers. Australians across the nation are becoming increasingly aware of the value brokers provide, with over half of loans now being generated through the broker channel.

At NAB, we have no doubt that the quality of service delivered by brokers is the driving force behind this strong uptake and we are committed to supporting the broker channel as it continues to flourish.

Just like the strong-performing brokers recognised in this edition, NAB recognises that a loan is more than a series of transactions – it’s a leap into something new, a first home, a new business venture or the culmination of a lifetime of saving.

This is the eighth year of the Elite Business Writers ranking, and each edition gives us a chance to acknowledge the success of high-achievers in our industry.

I hope you enjoy reading this feature, and gain some valuable insights from those at the top of their game.

Steve Kane,
general manager, NAB Broker




Mortgage Choice Ormeau, QLD

Deslie Taylor, Mortgage Choice Ormea, QLD
Deslie Taylor has been placing a significant emphasis on diversification to broaden her company’s service proposition — and it shows


Q. Earlier this year, The Adviser spoke to you about offering clients personal loans to take a normal holistic approach to your clients. How important do you think diversification is for brokers and do you intend to diversify your business further?

I think it’s very important. Ultimately, we give those clients the option. If a client of ours is looking to buy a car, then we don’t aggressively try and source that business at all because that’s not our primary business. I think diversification is very, very important in the sense that giving a holistic approach gives that client confidence and comfort in you as a business.

Q. How do you plan to grow your business in the short and long term?

At the moment, I’m the only loan writer in my business, and I’ve got quite a large number of back-up staff. I’ve now got a loan writer that’s just starting with me. She is one of my actual staff members that’s been with me for five years, so I’ve upskilled her over the course of the last five years and now she’s ready to get out there and start writing business herself, now. Basically that will then, obviously, generate more business. It’s going to enable us to write more business because I won’t be limited, then in another 12 months, I will look at putting on another loan writer.



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Loan Market Home Finance Brokers, VIC

The mortgage broker/director of Loan Market says that the key to his success is empowering his growinJosh Bartlett, Loan Market Home Finance Brokers, VICg team to have confidence in their own abilities


Q. What have you been doing to get to the top of your game and write increasingly large volumes?

We have continual training in our business. I think writing [loan] volumes becomes easier when you have a great team around you, because they’re all more skilled.

A lot of people, in this business, grow their trail and just continue to write what they’re writing and don’t want to hand over the files to anyone else because they want to micro manage their file, I guess.

As a broker, I’m trying to run a business like a branch manager really, and trust my team behind me.

Q. So it’s important to be able to delegate effectively?

Absolutely, and then upskill your team so that they can have confidence in their own ability. I try and empower my team, week in week out, to handle certain problems within the business.

Q. Do you intend to diversify your business further in the future?

We’re thinking about doing property advocacy. We run a real estate agent and mortgage brokering business, really, so a lot of our referral business comes from real estate agents. We’re currently working on a model to offer to do some property advocacy on the side.




Acceptance Finance, VIC

New entrant to the Elite Business Writers ranking Matthew Mannaert owned his own furniture shop before mortgage broking caught his eyeMatthew Mannaert, Acceptance Finance, VIC


Q. How long have you been a mortgage broker?

I started in 2009. I was totally new to broking. I actually owned my own furniture shop before that. I wasn’t in the finance industry at all.

Q. What attracted you to the industry?

It was my best friend who owned the business. I’ve always been interested in finance and numbers and all that sort of stuff. Obviously, running your own business, you’re still going to do a fair bit with finance, files and books and all the rest of it. Although it was a different industry, it was a fairly easy jump.

Q. What have you found to be the biggest challenges of being a broker?

The most challenging has been the transition to investment lending. Everything from lending ratios to citizen changes, to the reduction in lending to overseas investors. All those things have made it more challenging.

Q. You’ve mentioned that you have referral relationships. Are they mainly past clients?

No. With professional groups. I’ve got investment groups, I’ve got a couple of those that I deal with and also real estate agents.

Q. What do you find is the biggest advantage of having strong referral relationships with those people?

Just consistent referrals. I understand because I’m able to look after the clients well and I get good feedback off the clients on how the service has been. They’re very happy to continue to refer me to new clients, having that confidence that they’re going to get good results for their clients.




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The Australian Lending & Investment Centre, VIC

Having consistently featured in the top five of the Elite Business Writers ranking since debuting in 2011, Mark Davis says that building solid referral networks helps to drive his ongoing success 

 Mark Davis, The Australian Lending & Investment Centre, VIC

Q. How have you managed to stay on top of your game and write increasingly large volumes?

Basically we’re just looking at ways to improve every day, and becoming more thorough and offloading a lot of our non-value transactions to our support staff and ensuring that we’re on the coalface, in front of the clients as much as possible, and the second thing is, just really working on relationships with our current clients and trying to enhance and grow those over time.

Q. How important do you find it to be continuously developing your referral network, and what do you find the most useful in terms of building those relationships?

The referral part of our business is extremely important. We have a model where everything we refer out — we expect one for every two referrals to be returned to our business. We don’t market or advertise as a business — we rely on our customers and our referral partners to refer back to us. We also head-hunt the best referral partners in the country so we’re always working on being with the best and ensuring that they are at the top of their game, so that we can focus on our business and us being at the top of our game on the lending front.

Q. What do you find most rewarding about your job as a mortgage broker?

The ability to be able to talk to customers and have conversations that are very personal for them, and very much life changing for the individuals. We are extremely lucky to have that role and I think that we have one of the best professions in the world. For customers to have that trust where they can actually convey their personal situations and their plans and everything about them is amazing. I think we’re extremely fortunate.





Justin Doobov, Intelligent Finance, NSW
Mark Davis, The Australian Lending & Investment Centre, VIC
Josh Bartlett, Loan Market Home Finance Brokers, VIC
Marshall Condon, Neue Black, VIC
Matthew Carr, MC Mortgage Solutions, QLD

Elite Business Writers 2016 Report Key


JUSTIN DOOBOV, Intelligent Finance, NSW

Justin Doobov, Intelligent Finance, NSW, Elite Business Writer 2016The Intelligent Finance managing director says his greatest achievement as a mortgage broker is building the business that he started in his parents’ garage into the powerhouse it is today

Q. What do you find the most challenging about being a mortgage broker?

Finding the right team members would be the hardest thing about being a mortgage broker. Over the years we have hired many staff, but some have not been able to deliver on the quality and accuracy of work that our company requires so we have let them go. We have a strong company belief in “getting it right the first time”, so we need all team members to constantly improve the way they do a particular task to become more efficient and to remove errors. Making an error once is ok, so long as you learn from it and don’t keep repeating the same error.

Q. How do you stay motivated and at the top of your game?

I love helping my clients buy property and save money on their loans. I stay motivated as I don’t see being a broker as a job, I see it as a fun game where the score is getting another happy client. I don’t monitor the profit and loss, instead I monitor client and staff satisfaction. If the staff are happy, they will service my clients well. If the clients are serviced well they will refer us more business, and if we get more business I know we will make more profit at the end.

Q. What are your top three tips for brokers looking to grow their business?

1. Don’t chase the commission. If you are consistent with how you service clients, the commissions will come to you tenfold. Clients can smell a desperate broker.

2. Don’t forget about existing clients, they are the ones who have built your business so far, and they are the reason you get trail, plus they are the best ones to refer you more clients.

3. “No Is Negotiable”. Many times a lender or a client has said ‘No’, but when you drill down as to why they are saying ‘No’, many times you are able to turn the No’ into a ‘Yes’. Don’t give up, success is around the corner.





 Search the rankings below by using the text filters or the drop down selections:

1 Justin Doobov N/C Intelligent Finance NSW $322,225,177 695 $37,020,700 $321,700,000 $680,945,877
2 Mark Davis 1 The Australian Lending & Investment Centre VIC $335,973,416 1097 $2,659,000 $58,800,000 $397,432,416
3 Josh Bartlett 35 Loan Market Home Finance Brokers VIC $166,164,644 334 $2,400,000 $180,000,000 $348,564,644
4 Marshall Condon Neue Black VIC $39,794,054 80 $257,548,334 $0 $297,342,388
5 Matthew Carr 7 MC Mortgage Solutions QLD $118,412,800 388 $13,286,000 $123,165,000 $254,863,800
6 George Samios 28 Madd Loans QLD $151,714,027 346 $79,745,041 $36,980 $231,496,048
7 Andrew Mirams 7 Intuitive Finance VIC $164,988,544 342 $2,036,000 $62,221,000 $229,245,544
8 Adrian Lee 37 Resource Financial Group NSW $127,500,000 149 $39,790,000 $54,816,400 $222,106,400
9 Keith Caine NEW Mortgage Choice Glenelg SA $216,942,152 809 $152,894 $0 $217,095,046
10 Kevin Agent 2 The Australian Lending & Investment Centre VIC $177,627,880 530 $1,600,000 $28,000,000 $207,227,880
11 James Hasselle 1 Mortgage Choice Miami and Burleigh QLD $149,000,599 632 $2,604,000 $53,990,302 $205,594,901
12 Tony Bice 5 Finance Made Easy NSW $65,000,000 160 $8,100,000 $132,016,000 $205,116,000
13 Wei Hu 4 Homes Finance and Conveyancing VIC $178,028,000 300 $0 $0 $178,028,000
14 Tony Fornaro 1 Fornaro Financial Group QLD $79,979,535 157 $2,003,000 $91,958,420 $173,940,955
15 Colin Mason 10 SMS Finance QLD $170,081,304 411 $0 $0 $170,081,304
16 Anthony Alabakov 13 My Mortgage Freedom VIC $146,400,000 203 $21,000,000 $0 $167,400,000
17 Li (Charlie) Zhu 1 Mortgage Choice Sunnybank QLD $152,444,131 421 $447,000 $13,650,121 $166,541,252
18 Marios Rokka NEW Loan Market VIC $83,586,662 210 $12,555,000 $58,520,000 $154,661,662
19 Leon Spadavecchia 23 Afirm Financial SA $101,571,482 215 $727,273 $45,000,000 $147,298,755
20 Andrew Algie 3 Addisons Advisory Group NSW $120,000,000 269 $22,050,000 $1,560,000 $143,610,000
21 Will Foster 14 Foster Finance NSW $133,576,625 186 $6,258,000 $0 $139,834,625
22 Mathew Crossley NEW Coronis Finance QLD $73,093,000 208 $1,075,000 $62,556,000 $136,724,000
23 Vishal Gupta 9 Unique Finance Services Pty Ltd NSW $108,656,937 266 $1,454,197 $25,000,000 $135,111,134
24 Ian Simpson 15 Smartline NSW $88,289,285 174 $6,000,000 $40,000,000 $134,289,285
25 Josh Egan NEW Astute Financial VIC $91,848,337 304 $2,310,783 $36,886,141 $131,045,261
26 Matt Cunliffe 3 Mortgage Choice QLD $106,981,418 269 $13,096,412 $0 $120,077,830
27 Deslie Taylor 6 Mortgage Choice Ormeau QLD $118,089,667 394 $773,694 $0 $118,863,361
28 Alex Nochar 8 Shore Financial NSW $110,000,000 126 $8,800,000 $0 $118,800,000
29 James Chatfield 20 Chatfield Consulting WA $104,678,398 250 $0 $12,100,000 $116,778,398
30 Chris Foster-Ramsay NEW Foster Ramsay Finance VIC $94,600,000 62 $18,300,000 $0 $112,900,000
31 Peter Gwynne NEW Choice Home Loans QLD $104,800,000 282 $4,000,000 $0 $108,800,000
32 Rael Bricker 28 House & Home Loans WA $105,703,000 331 $2,000,000 $1,000,000 $108,703,000
33 James Henwood-White NEW eSelect Finance VIC $108,298,844 211 $0 $0 $108,298,844
34 Mark Polatkesen 12 Mortgage Basics VIC $105,400,000 339 $662,000 $0 $106,062,000
35 Raymond Teh NEW Mortgage Choice NSW $98,888,315 233 $160,000 $5,423,760 $104,472,075
36 Scott Partridge 9 Mortgage Choice NSW $99,186,160 214 $4,098,000 $0 $103,284,160
37 Andrew Heath 3 Mortgage Choice NSW $102,730,949 337 $0 $0 $102,730,949
38 Joel Wyld NEW Peasy NSW $100,171,673 177 $270,000 $0 $100,441,673
39 Jason Arnold NEW Quattro Commercial Property Finance VIC $9,975,489 18 $86,752,214 $0 $96,727,703
40 Ryan Ewart NEW Mortgage Choice NSW $94,571,028 193 $376,426 $0 $94,947,454
41 Leeanne Scott NEW Mortgage Choice NSW $93,573,807 233 $0 $0 $93,573,807
42 Stephen Lemm NEW Mortgage Choice NSW $84,456,612 151 $7,232,422 $0 $91,689,034
43 Darren Comerford 15 Mortgage Choice QLD $90,941,070 312 $200,645 $0 $91,141,715
44 Shirish Bhatia NEW Iconic Financial Services NSW $36,556,444 90 $49,460,250 $4,400,000 $90,416,694
45 Paul Wright 4 Choice Home Loans NSW $74,558,636 336 $0 $14,073,603 $88,632,239
46 Kevin Gomer 9 Nicheliving Home Loans WA $82,526,687 218 $2,656,253 $0 $85,182,940
47 Tim Leonard NEW Mortgage Choice VIC $81,820,582 176 $3,013,165 $0 $84,833,747
48 Matthew Mannaert NEW Acceptance Finance VIC $84,143,753 205 $0 $0 $84,143,753
49 Ren Wong 23 N1 Loans NSW $62,000,000 125 $16,660,000 $5,200,000 $83,860,000
50 Alex Shumsky NEW Consolidated FS P/L VIC $76,250,906 118 $7,426,000 $0 $83,676,906



The Adviser has undertaken a process to ensure the accuracy of the data used to formulate the Elite Business Writers 2016 ranking. Data for the ranking was supplied by organisations. While The Adviser has attempted to validate the accuracy of data, any errors or omissions are the ultimate responsibility of the company or individual that supplied the data and associated information. To the full extent allowed by law, or ranking participants, The Adviser's publisher Momentum Media Group (Momentum Media) and Momentum Media employees exclude liability for any loss or damage sustained by readers arising from the supply, use or promotion of the Elite Business Writers 2016 ranking.

Elite Business Writers 2016
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