PLAN: evolve to remain competitive and relevant



PLAN: evolve to remain competitive and relevant

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A partner for brokers who want to continually evolve their businesses

The mortgage industry has changed significantly in recent years, meaning brokers have been forced to evolve in order to grow their businesses.

While the pace of change may seem overwhelming to many of us, PLAN Australia has been at the forefront of this shift, giving brokers all the tools necessary to harness new technologies and to drive better revenue for their businesses.

Technology: a primary catalyst

PLAN Australia’s market leading broker technology platform, Podium 2.0 is a catalyst for evolving broker businesses.

The efficient, easy-to-use, functionally rich system is an end-to-end business and client management solution that utilises world-class IT capabilities.

“We have evolved our technology platform in direct response to the technology and CRM needs of our brokers market-wide level,” says PLAN Australia chief executive officer Phil Quin-Conroy.

“We believe companies excel when they are constantly evolving and adapting to change.

At PLAN Australia, we support and encourage brokers to use all components of our platform to run the most effective and efficient business,” says Mr Quin-Conroy.

Excellence through evolution

PLAN Australia recently refreshed its brand offering, reinforcing its position as an industry-leading provider of premium aggregation services.

The evolved offering reflects PLAN Australia’s drive to support brokers in evolving their businesses and taking advantage of new opportunities to drive business growth.

“Our evolved offering includes continued support for members through thought leadership, market leading technology via Podium 2.0, an exclusive white label offering, timely commission payments, dynamic learning, networking opportunities and personalised support from our experienced business development team,” says Mr Quin-Conroy.

“It is important in a fast-changing market for all businesses to evolve to remain competitive and relevant. PLAN Australia ensures we are a vital part of our brokers’ businesses by providing the support needed to help them achieve excellence through evolution,” he says.

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PLAN: evolve to remain competitive and relevant
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