What if you could predict which clients will leave you and proactively reprice them to keep them?

This insight and discovery turned an award-winning mortgage broker into a fintech entrepreneur.

Adam Grocke, award winning broker and finalist in Australia’s top 30 under 30, identified he had a ‘leaky bucket’ in his boutique brokerage. His brokers were too busy with record new settlements and forgot about their largest asset, his existing clients and trail book.

Did you know that over 90% of clients leave a broker because they realised their interest rate was too high? Did you know it costs a broker $7,200 in lost revenue for each client who leaves.

Adam established the best technical team in Australia and the rest is history.

Sherlok’s an Artificial Intelligence platform for brokers that identifies which clients will leave, automatically reprices them with the same lender to lower the interest rate and ensures the clients refinances through the broker.