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Simon Southwell

Simon Southwell, Head of Southern Region, FAST (Perth only) 

Simon is an experienced senior leader with over 25 years experience in the financial services industry. Following a successful career within the Retail, Business and Wealth Management areas of the market, Simon spent five years managing his own integrated financial services business encompassing finance broking, financial planning and accounting.

Simon re-joined the corporate world five years ago and during this time has been responsible for leading national distribution channels such as Mobile Lending and Kiosk Banking. He was also responsible for the design, development and implementation of the strategy to grow the more in-direct channels, including Kiosks, Mobile Bankers, Workplace Banking Programs and non-broker third party referrers.

Simon is very excited to be part of an industry leading team at FAST. Simon is the Regional Manager, South and is responsible for the Victorian, South Australian, Northern Territory, Western Australian and Tasmanian markets.

He is passionate about the third party distribution industry and his commitment strengthens the support we provide to enable you to achieve future growth and business success in addition to ensuring FAST is very well placed to continue to lead the way in this dynamic industry.

Simon Southwell
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