The power of video



The power of video

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How it helped me achieve a record number of loans in my first six months.

Why video? 

I understood the power of video to get attention, to reach and connect with so many people in a personal, engaging and shareable way.

Social media and video content marketing strategy became key components of my business plan. Had I not personally experienced the power and influence of video as part of the So You Think You Can Broker - NEXT GUN Broker Competition I doubt they would have been anywhere near as significant. 

A new client that I met up with a couple of months ago, found me by searching “mortgage broker” on LinkedIn. He shortlisted a couple but chose me. When I enquired as to why he chose me, he said that my video really resonated with him. His loan settled on May 30 and he was kind enough to write a recommendation as well on LinkedIn. 

Video is a very powerful way to showcasing your story and attract prospective clients and referral partners. People buy from people they like and trust. As brokers we need to adapt to this changing trend and get out of our comfort zone and showcase real life stories: how you have helped a client achieve their dream of buying a first home; how you helped a client build a property portfolio and create wealth by finding them the right loans with the right structure in place; how you can help clients save thousands of dollars in interest by doing a health check on their mortgage or refinancing them to a better option. 

If you can showcase these to your prospective clients through video, over time you will create a very credible image in your marketplace. 

How I did it 

As a new-to-industry broker I wanted to stand out from the crowd and do something different. I wanted to showcase how I help my clients and how I solve their problems. I ventured outside of the mortgage and finance industry and found the likes of Gary Vaynerchuk, Tom Panos and Gavin Rubenstein. These three gentlemen are stand outs in their respective industries, have strong personal brands, high level of engagement and thousands of followers. They educate, they influence, they inspire. And they all do video. 

In setting all this up, the first step was sourcing a video production company. There are a number of boutique video production companies/solo video producers who are one-man bands and I met one, we brainstormed a few ideas, and I showed them some content that I liked. We documented a video production plan including the cast of characters. 

If I get a lead and I ring the client and if we are not able to connect I have a short 60 second video that I send to them. This video includes me talking to them, it showcases some of my happy client testimonies, which builds instant credibility. From just a name and a phone call, they can see you and connect with you they know that you are real person who is here to help them. 

As brokers, we need to become a media company and produce content in all forms. Video is the most powerful way to showcase your talent and make a connection. 

Video does not have to be expensive, these days you have multiple apps such as Vidstitch, Trim&Cut and Vivavideo that help you with production - from adding music to subtitles to recording… everything can be done from your smart phone. 

My suggestion to my fellow finance brokers who do such an amazing job is to showcase what they do and why they do it on video and share it with everybody by incorporating it into email footers and tagging them on all your social media channels. Customers truly love it. I have firsthand seen how video has helped me win more business.

Embrace the power of video and you will be surprised how this turbo charges your personal brand and adds value to your bottom line.

The power of video
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