7 essentials for growing your brand on social media



7 essentials for growing your brand on social media

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Social media has the power to generate substantial growth for your business’ brand if utilised effectively. Don’t know where to start? Give these seven simple strategies a try.

Choose the right network

With hundreds of social media channels out there now, it is vital that you choose channels that are in line with your goal and support your brand image. Facebook is the ultimate choice for promoting brand awareness due to its very heterogeneous audience, whilst Instagram is great for reaching a younger adult demographic (or first home owner market).

LinkedIn also holds strong value for brokerages striving to increase brand awareness across a slightly older, professional user base, as well as the opportunity to connect with other corporate influencers.

Ensure visual branding

Visuals are a key part of social media branding, and your branding needs to be consistent across all channels to ensure your brand is easily recognisable.

Choose a colour palette that matches your brand logo and always keep filters on visual channels (like Instagram) consistent. It’s all about ensuring your audience identifies your brand readily.  

Develop a voice

It is important to develop a voice when posting on any social media that represents your brand and reflects your business’ core values. Think about the tone you want to convey to your audience and incorporate your brand’s culture in a way that connects with your particular audience. For example, when talking to first home owners, don’t use industry lingo that they won’t understand.

Make your brand voice authentic to really connect with your market.

Check out the competition

Look at other brokerages in your nearby area and see what they’re doing on social media. Perhaps even connect with them so you remain up to date with their activity. This is useful to see what kind of content they are posting, and when and how effective it is at actually engaging with their target audience (i.e., if they’re receiving a high number of comments/likes/shares). 

Use social media campaigns to promote your business’ service offering

Social media can be a great tool for utilising marketing campaigns to generate increased business.

Paid advertisements on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn can have high effectiveness, whether it’s to promote your standard service offering or a special that’s available only for a limited time.

Paid ads are relatively cheap and can be segmented to target your specified market audience. Boosting posts on Facebook can also be another effective method that, for a small fee, can reach a wider audience faster. 

Be relevant

Use social media as a way to connect with your target market by offering valuable information that’s relevant to them.

Publishing articles and blogs about current trends in the property market, as well as more trivial information such as home décor or easy money-saving tips, shows you’re interested in helping them within the realm of property ownership. 

Post and engage with your audience regulary

It’s important that your social media presence is strong. Therefore, regularity of content is crucial. How frequently and the best times of day to post will depend on your specific audience. Using analytics tools can help you uncover these markers. However, as a rule of thumb, aim to post at least once daily across all platforms and always track their effectiveness.

Engagement is also a huge factor to remember. Don’t just post content and forget about it; interact with your audience and encourage reciprocal communications. It can be as simple as liking, sharing and commenting on other relevant posts. It’ll have a big impact on building awareness and trust for your brand.

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7 essentials for growing your brand on social media
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Jeremy Fisher

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