Attracting specialist lending clients

Attracting specialist lending clients

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Marketing strategist Matt Mitchener provides some invaluable insights into the different types of specialist customers that are out there and how to target each market segment.

Specialist lending is not a new segment for finance brokers to assist with yet they are often neglected or forgotten about by many in the industry. There are two key customer profiles we will now look at and ways in which you can target them for new business:

  • Self-employed and small business owners. With over two million SMEs in Australia, these customers are genuinely looking for options which will support their non-PAYG arrangements. Perhaps they have only been in business for one to two years or they require finance using their recent BAS for servicing. Here are some options for attracting these types of customers:

o   Working with accountants closely to segment their databases and make an offer to those who are self-employed. A nicely timed email to their SME clients (i.e. before or after tax time) may assist with the specialist products they require for their family home.

o   Advertising on LinkedIn or Facebook. Targeting options on these social media channels provide you with plenty of advertising opportunity for lead generation. For more info please see this detailed webinar on how to advertise your broking business online.

o   Use stories and content to generate leads. We are all storytellers in this business, let’s use those customer stories to express the universal when using the personal.

  • Any customer who has experienced a life changing event (i.e. divorce, illness or injury). We know that sometimes life doesn’t go how we had planned. In events like these, we may make sacrifices for less stability in income which puts these clients in the ‘specialist lending bucket’. So, how do you find a customer who has experienced a life changing event?

o   Referrals from professional services. When we suffer a significant life event we require the help of professionals. These include accountants, financial planners and lawyers to name just a few. Make yourself known as the expert in the specialist finance area to your referral partners.

o   Advertising (yes, again) via social media channels. Did you know that you can target those on Facebook who have just changed their relationship status (i.e. got divorced)?  

o   Harnessing your existing specialist lending customers for referrals. Nobody knows what an excellent job you have done except for a previous client. They know what hoops you jumped through to get their loan across the line – use their influence for referrals to others within their social and professional circles.

Think outside the square for how to get specialist lending leads in your business and if you have any other ways which work, feel free to add them in the comments!

Attracting specialist lending clients
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