8 surprising benefits a company uniform can have on business performance



8 surprising benefits a company uniform can have on business performance

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The way we dress in the corporate world, specifically the finance industry can say a lot about our level of professionalism. Making a first positive impression is crucial.

In that first interaction a thousand calculations cross people’s mind: Are you someone to trust, a person of authority? Do you know what you are talking about? Are you confident, likeable? These decisions are made within seven seconds of someone meeting you. Can you afford to make the wrong impression?

First impressions count and keeping up with today’s fashion trends can be exhausting. Many companies are opting towards implementing a corporate uniform. Having your team dressed cohesively can improve aspects of your business and ensure that the ‘first’ impression is memorable, for all the right reason. Uniforms are a form of communication, both to the outside world and internally.

Here are 8 benefits a company uniform can offer:

1. Brand building and familiarity

Companies spend a fortune on advertising and marketing. What better way to promote your brand than have your team wear something that promotes who you are and what you stand for. Uniforms give your company another opportunity to solidify the image you want to express to the world.

2. Customer service confidence

A team dressed in uniform conveys the message “Here we are to serve you!” Uniforms can save time the customer spends looking for someone to assist them and acts as the first building blocks to your client relationship and building trust. It's an instant comforting and warm welcome without having to exchange words.

3. Team building

Successful results begin on the inside. Uniformed people equals a unified team. Uniforms give each team member a sense of belonging making the team gel and accomplish goals working together. Can you imagine a sport team playing their match and winning a grand final without wearing a uniform? A team uniform (whether on or off the field) is the winning approach, improving productivity and developing a sense of team spirit.

4. Positive self image

A uniform encourages one to take pride and responsibility in the work they do. Spend time on researching the best uniform for your team so that everyone has an opportunity to look and feel their best. Research indicates when an employee looks good AND feels like they belong to and are supported by a team, they will perform better!

5. Employees look the part

Let’s face it, some of us don’t have a handle on what corporate wear is all about and how to do it well. Creating a uniform for your team ensures your client facing staff always look professional and are representing the brand well.

6. An opportunity to say more

Just as your unified team says “Welcome, we are here to serve you”, the uniform you initiate can also say more about your company. The design itself can convey a message or tone that’s approachable, like: “Let's have some fun,” or instill thoughts of significant value like: “Our products and services are very high quality.” Your uniform can also act as ad space, literally delivering a message like: “Ask me about our financing options,” on a button, name tag or printed/embroidered on the apparel itself.

7. Stand out in a crowded market

Business can get crowded with so many companies promoting to offer the same level of service and offerings as you. Implementing a uniform presents an interesting way to stand out amongst your competition. If your uniform is fashionable and smartly designed, clients and employees will take notice.

8. Is cost-effective

While employees will still spend money on outfits for their time outside of work, their budgets will become far less constricted as they do not have to constantly purchase outfits for their career to stay current in the corporate fashion world. Business attire can become costly over time, while corporate uniforms are usually offered to employees at a lower rate than fashion outlets, and are tax deductible.


8 surprising benefits a company uniform can have on business performance
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Fiona Anchal

Fiona Anchal

Shirt Studio Corporate is a custom uniform company servicing Australian clients. Fiona's experience spans 20 years in a creative environment. She worked in the marketing and communications industry for a decade across several industries, before venturing into her own business, Shirt Studio Corporate in 2004. With her creative hat on she works on all things fashion for Shirt Studio Corporate from clothing designs, fits and sourcing new fabrics. She has an eye for detail and a natural instinct for design and fashion.  

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