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Getting exposure for your brokerage

jeremy fisher jeremy fisher
Jeremy Fisher 2 minute read

Mass communication is easier than it has ever been and there are plenty of opportunities for brokers to utilise various communication channels to gain exposure for their brokerage. The results can be dramatic, and it doesn’t always require a large promotional budget.

Before trying to get exposure, it is important to have a well thought-out message and angle in order to get the desired response. Once you have decided on your message and the image you want to convey, it is worthwhile to have promotional material professionally produced to ensure that the quality of your material –whether it’s a business card or a video – reflects on the quality of your organisation.

Social media is a powerful medium for brokers to interact with clients, associates and potential clients. With platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram, brokers can quickly and easily communicate with a group of followers, and possibly communicate even further through the networks of their followers. Additional advertising and promotion of a business on social media networks is available for a fee, and many businesses feel the returns are worthwhile.

All brokers work within a community, with local shops and people. A good broker is often discussed in the community and will naturally receive referrals. To increase local word-of-mouth referrals, it is good for a broker to be somewhat prominent in the community and to maintain good relations frequently. A broker who knows talkative local baristas or hairdressers can increase their business significantly by asking them to promote their business.

A press release offers an opportunity to gain publicity. It is a summary of an event in a business which is given to the media to entice them to write a story on a broker or their business. The press release could be about an award, a milestone or a special achievement. There are press release templates online which outline how to present a short and sharp snapshot of a potentially newsworthy event.

The media is always looking for industry representatives to comment during radio and television interviews and during other industry coverage. Brokers can put themselves forward to be available for interview requests from the media, which can result in local or even national coverage.

Members of the community are often looking to be well-informed and brokers can collaborate with other complementary service providers  such as accountants, real estate agents, builders, interior designers and landscapers  to offer a seminar on buying a home or a similar topic. Although the seminars are often put on for free, great leads can be generated.

There are many ways for brokers to gain exposure in the community, and putting in time and effort – not necessarily money – can help to build a brokerage.

Getting exposure for your brokerage
jeremy fisher
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jeremy fisher
Jeremy Fisher

Jeremy Fisher

Jeremy Fisher, director and founder, 1st Street Home Loans

Jeremy Fisher is one of the most awarded mortgage brokers in the industry and winner of the Australian Broker Association’s prestigious ‘Australian Broker of the Year’. Since 2001, Jeremy has settled in excess of $750 million worth of property loans and delighted clients with exceptional results and highly personalised service.


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