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Niik Stewart

High Performance Sales Coach and Founder | Niik Stewart Empowerment

“When you know exactly what you want to achieve and accomplish in your business, all you need is
the right mindset and the right sales strategy to get there, then it’s just a matter of time.”

An internationally recognised leader in sales and empowerment strategies, Niik Stewart’s presentations can be used to motivate and inspire any audience from a range of backgrounds. His
messages of achieving success and problem-solving are cleverly masqueraded within an entertaining presentation ensuring audiences feel encouraged to achieve greater success in both their personal and professional lives.

Speaking to multiple large organisations, including professional sporting teams, Fortune 500 companies, direct sale organisations, real estate, mortgage and financial companies, Niik’s powerful message has been heard and utilised to accelerate the success of companies. He has helped to enforce the importance of achievement within individual lives and how it can impact results.

Niik has also produced a television show titled “Sales Empowerment LIVE”, with the aim of upskilling employees, managers, members and leaders. He offers audiences methods, strategies, activities and exercises that give participants the tools required to succeed and achieve their goals. Putting the learnt tips in practise allows audiences to achieve greater levels of confidence, decision-making and team-building skills and learn how to overcome any challenges that may stand in their way.

Niik also holds an event titled “The Keynote Program”, in which he utilises illustrative examples, humour, anecdotes and research results to present important pieces of information in a memorable way that resonates with audiences long after its conclusion. This keynote presentation is timed to take between 1-2 hours and will leave participants feeling energised and excited to apply the material they learned.

“The Keynote Experience” is another presentation Niik holds, which gets participants involved with the material and with one another. He uses humour, stories, theory and research alongside interactive activities to create an environment of high energy and support. This invites participants to get to know one another whilst learning the important principles Niik has to offer. This presentation is expected to take between 2-4 hours due to the activities and exercises.

Niik Stewart is an energising presenter who assists in upskilling individuals and growing their personal and professional lives. He can improve any organisation’s productivity and performance in an interactive manner.

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