Chris Helder - Number 1 presenter on influence and useful belief

Chris Helder is one of the most in-demand conference and keynote speakers in Australia. His messages can be life-changing in both the personal and business spheres, and while Chris is often called upon to keynote sales conferences (one of his specialties), his message is much broader than that. He delivers powerful messages on leadership, vision building, change management, communication and customer service.

Chris Helder focuses on mindset and process but importantly his methodologies are backed up by tools that will make those all-important changes to your personal or business life. His signature concepts of 'time-line' strategy development and vision building through his 'chunking up' process are two of his many tools that underpin his change philosophy. Chris is the author of the best seller, Stop Selling! The Art of Reading the Client & Winning the Business and the newly released Street Smart: Playing & Winning the Corporate Game.

Chris is also a regular columnist for Wealth Creator magazine. He is at once a powerful, entertaining and inspiring speaker (and trainer) able to communicate at any level but importantly able to deliver his unique message of effective change.


Chris Helder - Number 1 presenter on influence and useful belief
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