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The Better Business Awards has developed a robust awards methodology that recognises business growth, business development, leadership, innovation, customer service excellence and contribution to Australia’s broking industry, using key benchmarks and performance indicators.

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Any individual or group wishing to enter the Better Business Awards 2021 will need to complete a detailed submission answering key category criteria* and provide supporting evidence. To review all category details, assessment criteria and submission requirements, click here.

You are welcome to nominate a business partner, colleague, industry participant or business for a Better Business Award.

Nominating is easy and will take less than a minute; nominations across multiple categories can be done on the one form. The nominee will need to undertake the submission process should they choose to participate in the awards program.

Submissions must be lodged via the online secure awards submission platform by 5:30PM, 19 February 2021.

Our awards platform is safe and secure. It’s ISO/IEC 27001 certified, compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), PCI DSS, and more.

Submissions for all categories will be assessed against the specific category criteria, scored and then shortlisted to determine award finalists. Finalists will then be announced.

Finalists (individuals and groups) will be contacted directly as well as published on The Adviser and the Better Business Awards website.

Finalists will be announced in the week commencing TBA.

Finalists’ submissions (across all categories) will be delivered to a panel of respected industry professionals and business leaders, who will assess each submission for the categories in which they are judging. Judges are drawn from the business community, academia, associations, not-for-profits, consulting and specific industry sectors — offering diversity in submission assessment.

A pool of judges will be allocated to judge each category to ensure a blended assessment of submissions. Judges will score each submission against the specific category criteria and assessment requirements, with the aggregate of the judges’ scores used to determine the category winner.

One winner will be announced per award category, with the awards being streamed Live. For full details on the event, click here.

For additional details on the methodology and your submissions, please contact our team here.

*Submission categories are subject to change.

Our Judges

With a judging panel including senior finance leaders, business executives, entrepreneurs and innovators, the Better Business Awards is peer-reviewed recognition of your capabilities in broking and passion for driving the industry forward.

We’re currently assembling a respected panel of judges who will review and assess all 20+ categories based on the methodology. Full details on our judging panel will be released shortly.

The awards are open to all businesses operating in Australia supporting the broking industry, and will be a desirable accolade for both individuals and businesses seeking to forge their role in broking.

For full details on category criteria for all 20+ categories, and to commence your submission, register today.

Also, don’t miss out on nominating a broker, network, business, innovator, leader or aggregator for a Better Business Award.

Nominating is easy and will take less than a minute using the form found here. Nominations across multiple categories can be done on the one form.

Andrew Phanartzis


Brett Spencer

Opica Group Australia

Candice Gillies

Colin James

The Colin James Method

Douglas Driscoll

Starr Partners real estate group

Fariborz Moshirian

Gareth Woodham

Jackson Millan

Jason Back

Broker Essentials

Josh Frith

Managing Director
The Dubs

Liz Stamford

Mark Zaglas

Encore Adviser Group

Michael Field

Managing Partner (NSW)
EvettField Partners

Michael Trencher

Impact Consulting

Peter Aquilina

Real Estate Dynamics

Peter Lynch

Peter Williams

Chartered Accountants ANZ

Roland Youakim

Founder & Managing Director

Sascha Moore

Create Design & Marketing

Suzan Burton

Professor of Marketing
Western Sydney University

Tyrone Hodge

Regional Director
Valuation and Advisory