Commercial & Asset Finance Brokers Association of Australia - CAFBA

For a professional and innovative commercial finance industry CAFBA is the industry association for professional commercial finance brokers in Australia. Our members include over 1,000 firms and brokers nationwide and our affiliate members are represented by Australia’s major finance providers.
CAFBA works on behalf of our members to promote and encourage policies that advance the commercial finance industry in Australia through government and legislative lobbying, education, and professional development.
CAFBA works with government and regulatory bodies on legislative issues that affect access to business finance for member clients and the wider business community. We work to ensure that the commercial finance industry is appropriately recognised and continues to self-regulate.
CAFBA is committed to professional standards that promote the competency and integrity of our membership and which attracts top talent from a diverse range of backgrounds to the industry. We recognise the vital role commercial finance brokers play in the Australian economy by providing small and medium business with access to the finance they need to achieve their goals. CAFBA provides educational courses and content for the commercial finance professional.