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Dr Jodie Lowinger

Founder and CEO | Mind Strength

Dr Jodie Lowinger is a thought leader with a passion for communicating her knowledge and expertise in managing anxiety, developing a winning mindset and building resilience in adults, children and teens. She is a Doctor of Clinical Psychology (University of Sydney) and University Medalist (UNSW) with a background in management consulting and business.

Jodie has worked previously at PwC, Macquarie Bank and Harvard University. She is the CEO and founder of Mind Strength Consulting where she coaches CEOs and leadership teams and delivers workshops and keynotes on strategies for peak performance, mental health, boosting resilience and building a winning mindset. She also works with children, adolescents, parents and teachers in boosting resilience and mental health in schools and the community. Jodie has consulted to a multitude of organisations and schools. She is also the CEO and founder of the Sydney Anxiety Clinic, a leading clinical psychology practice providing evidence based and highly effective treatment for anxiety in adults, children and teens.

Jodie is about to publish a book on practical strategies to manage anxiety and is an ambassador for the national charity Street Work which seeks to mentor homeless teens and turn young lives around.

Jodie is a media commentator, appearing on 2GB, Ch 7 Sunrise, Ch 9 Today, Marie Claire, Wellbeing, Yoga Journal, Sydney Child, many podcasts and more.

Jodie is passionate about breaking down anxiety stigma. She seeks to raise awareness about the many practical and highly effective strategies to help manage anxiety, to encourage people to seek out the help they need and not suffer in silence. She seeks to raise awareness about anxiety as part of our common human condition and not a personal weakness. Jodie helps people to recognise the double edged sword of society: deep analytical minds and a strong sense of compassion for others - she helps people to embrace the strengths and adopt powerful resilience strategies to stand up to the challenges.