Major Brokerage of the Year Non-Franchise


Mortgage broking has risen rapidly as a profession over the past decade, with a number of key brokerage groups driving the evolution of the sector. These are the brands synonymous with the mortgage broker proposition, and these groups have given way to the rise of other broker groups that might not have the same size but have clout in terms of their customer service abilities and business growth capacity. This award recognises the brokerage group of over 11 brokers/loan writers that has done the most to advance the development of mortgage broking, based on their proposition towards members and member recruitment, but also their customer-centric capabilities over the past 12 months (1 January 2017 – 31 December 2017). It is a holistic award that covers both the business side of operating a brokerage and the success of its parts – individual brokers on the ground writing loans and other financial products.


This award is judged on metrics (25%) and written responses (75%). Assessed by Australian Broking Award judges.

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