Tom Caesar

Managing Director
Positive Group

This was by far the best learning experience I have had. The speakers they had were from a diverse range of areas in the finance industry that all came with a wealth of knowledge. You can only learn so much in a group session, but the way it was structured allowed us to ask more personalised questions and really learn from their industry overseas. The content was fantastic as it really prepared everyone’s minds for what is likely to come in Australia.

John Kolenda

Managing Director
Finsure Group

We gained amazing insight into the UK broker market from high-level and notable industry speakers who provided invaluable content at unique venues across the UK. The social agenda was also outstanding, with first-class accommodation and access to the most exclusive venues and restaurants, which enabled great opportunities for networking in an informal environment with industry peers. I would highly recommend The Adviser UK Study Tour – it is unparalleled and the type of event that you wouldn’t be able to replicate yourself, providing access to the best leading business minds in the world.

Stephen Scahill

Chief Operating Officer
Loan Market

The Adviser UK Study Tour provided an unparalleled opportunity to obtain an insider’s look at the mortgage industry in the UK. Visiting a market that has experienced significant changes in regulation has provided a fascinating look at what potentially lies in store for our own industry and helps shape the thinking on how we prepare for such change. The agenda read as first class and provided access to leaders across the spectrum of the industry. What was more compelling, however, was how candid each of the speakers were in sharing their insights into the challenges affecting their businesses.

Darren Cantor

General Managing Director
Mortgage Port

Not only was it a fantastic opportunity to network with industry peers, but the tour also connected us with some of the most influential finance minds. Hearing their challenges and experiences has really positioned our firm to cope better with the potential threat of increased regulation.

Nicole Cannon

Director and Founder
Pink Finance

There was nothing that was not considered – from location and social events, to content and quality of guest speakers. Due to the connections made and the information gained from the tour, I have implemented new systems to automate my processes, introduced new revenue streams and now have more contacts within our industry to help me become an even better broker.

Gail Stevens

Director, Training and Development
GLS Management

Amazing, Amazing, Amazing. The tour far exceeded my expectations and was worth every cent of my investment. Made some great connections with the Australian contingent plus the world-class speakers. The information and discussions we had have definitely enabled us all to bring back new information for the Australian broker market.